Forgotten Girl

Charcoal, Pencil, India Ink on Canvas

48 x 60 inches, 2015

A little girl appears in two instances—as a girl who has wandered off (unnoticed), and as a lost girl (literally and figuratively). She is immersed in a motif of Forget-Me-Not blossoms. The other main subject in this work, a large inkblot, advances upon her and begins to overtake her face, erasing her identity from existence. This drawing addresses the danger of neglect, and of the apparent invisibility of black children in society—they are largely untouched, disregarded, and left to wander through life’s meandering trails, alone.

In this series, Forgotten Girl is the second drawing that I developed, and the very first one that I stained with India Ink. I played around with different methods of applying the ink, In many ways, it was trial and error. I conceptualized the ink as a dark force attempting to overtake or blot out the girl. Thinking about ink in this way made it easier to “destroy” the original beautiful charcoal rendering of the girl.

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