Imo very selectively opts to transform a few of his works into high quality limited-edition reproductions. Acquiring these reproductions is a wonderful way build your growing art collection, and at a fraction of the cost of the original artwork. By limiting the number of reproductions that will be made of each work – along with signing, numbering, and personalizing each one – Imo ensures that the value of each reproduction remains high.

The reproductions are created on heavy, bright white archival paper, with high-quality Epson archival ink. The works that Imo has selected to become available as reproductions are stunning and highly engaging celebrations of beauty and culture. Only 50 reproductions of each selected work at its specific dimensions will be made. Once 50 have been acquired, that edition in that size will no longer be made. This is in an effort to keep each edition special and valuable.

Sizes & Pricing

Large Reproductions, 24 x 32 inches: $550

Small Reproductions, 18 x 24 inches: $400

Butterfly Girl, 36 x 36 inches: $600

Packaging/Shipping: $30

A maximum of two prints can fit into the shipping canister. If purchasing more than two in one order, your shipping costs will be higher, respectively.

Available Reproductions